The Restoration

The villa was restored in 2014 by local Italians of the highest standard to maintain the Tuscan culture, artisanal tradition, and craftsmanship, whilst complemented by modern furniture and contemporary amenities.

The restoration features the finest quality local materials: hand-made terra cotta floors, Italian marble and travertine for the terraces and bathrooms, chestnut windows and doors and walnut for the kitchen and library. The dining room table is an example of Italian craftsmanship, hand-carved and made from a single piece from the trunk of a chestnut tree, cut down in 1982. The table on the terrace is a single piece of Italian travertine over 3m long, sitting on a hand-crafted iron base.


Some bedrooms have the original terra cotta floors from the farm house (after being cleaned). Additionally, the first steps leading to the house from the parking area are solid travertine and were the original steps to the living quarters.


The pictures below depict the transition of some of the key areas of the house from its original state to how they look today.

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